[Video] New video with revburner and rev counter

A few days ago I installed new parts from our fellow partner SYMPROJECTS.COM: Revburner, GI Max Gear Indicator and SPI-D Digital Speedometer. SimScreen follows asap when I start building the new dashboard.

The first step was the installation and a short test of the parts – it’s only an interim installation. Everything is working great, the SimDash software is simple and easy to use. The only problem at the moment is the simultaneously use of both SimDash and X-Sim, for example in Dirt3 and other Codie’s Games. In GTR Evo it works perfectly. Cristiano from Symprojects gives great support and I’m sure, that these problems will be solved with the next release of SimDash.

upcoming parts: RPM Meter & Revburner

At the moment we are refurbishing the new room in the basement, but it’s time to show the upcoming parts and updates.

No. 1 is the revburner and an analogue rpm meter with shift light: