EVO3 – work in progress…

Due to the founding of our new photography and graphics design company, the project EVO3 takes much more time than expected… Originally I planned to have the new motion sim finished when the 10.000th visitor comes to sim-parts.com – but now there have come nearly 13.000 visitors (unbelievable !!!) to my site, but the sim isn’t finished yet.

I’m getting so many emails and PNs and phone calls from sim maniacs all over the world who want to know what’s going on now, that I decided to post a so-called intermediate result 😉 !

motopc – hydraulic brake system

Nach der originalen G25-Bremse und der Hyperreal-Bremse für VPP von Jo Lueg (Website) wollte ich noch einen Schritt weiter in Richtung maximaler Realismus gehen und das derzeit wohl beste und ausgereifteste Bremssystem testen, das momentan auf dem Markt ist: Die hydraulische Bremse von motopc !
Diese Rennbremse gibt es als Add-On für Ecci- und VPP-Pedale und ist – wie ich selbst feststellen konnte – ein echtes Stück High-Tech aus deutscher Produktion.
After a few months of simracing with the original G25 brake and the hyperreal brake system from Jo Lueg (Website) I wanted to get the most realistic brake system which can be bought at the moment: The professional hydraulic brake system from motopc !

Dirt 2 – action with DIY handbrake

Hi guys,

here’s some new footage of Dirt 2 race scenes (Landrush and London Rally Cross, battle with Ken Block *fg*) with my DIY motion simulator and my DIY handbrake. Don’t want to remember the times being without this handbrake 😉 !
Enjoy the clips !

[shoutbox] VPP clutch, motopc brake system

Februar 12, 2010

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[shoutbox] VPP clutch, motopc brake system

Upgrade from Joywarrior to the Leo Bodnar controller is done and works perfectly. VPP clutch is mounted and the motopc hydraulic brake system is also installed. Awesome system. Now I have to adjust and test it extensively. Detailed posting with pictures follows asap.