[Video] New video with Dirt3

After a long time off, I updated some things on my computers and took a few quick test races in Dirt3 with my EVO3.

[Video] New footage of my EVO3 online

Hi guys,

a few months passed by since I’ve put my last posting online here – unfortunately I don’t have enough spare-time at the moment, neither for updating this site continuously, nor for taking a ride in the EVO3.
Anyway – yesterday I installed the new SLI Max Manager and wanted to give it a short try. The SLI Pro is working perfectly with GTR Evo now – other games should work as well, as they report on the EK blog.

Sticky: Save The Ring !

Hi guys,

today I have to do an important post resp. announcement here on SIM-PARTS and wanna ask you to visit the following site:


Please take a few seconds, read the story and sign the online petition or publish the content of this site wherever you can/want !

Thanks for supporting them, the ring and the whole motorsports scene !!!



Hi guys,

SIM-PARTS wants to wish you, your families and your friends a very happy and healthy new year with lots of new ideas, thoughts and new parts for your simulators 😉 !

I also want to thank all of you for continously visiting my sites and for the tons of mails and PNs – it’s great to see that my site is getting bigger and bigger. THANKS !!!

Bye, and see ya in the new year 😉


EVO3 – work in progress…

Due to the founding of our new photography and graphics design company, the project EVO3 takes much more time than expected… Originally I planned to have the new motion sim finished when the 10.000th visitor comes to sim-parts.com – but now there have come nearly 13.000 visitors (unbelievable !!!) to my site, but the sim isn’t finished yet.

I’m getting so many emails and PNs and phone calls from sim maniacs all over the world who want to know what’s going on now, that I decided to post a so-called intermediate result 😉 !

[DIY] F1 wheel by splendiddd

Welcome to a completely new category on sim-parts.com ! You’ll find here from now on awesome DIY solutions and parts from friends, partners and other simracing addicted people. The opening post will be made by my good friend and online-race-m8 Rob (aka splendiddd). He built an absolutely amazing F1 wheel which has a quick release mechanism, a built-in SLI Pro from Leo Bodnar, several buttons, encoders and switches and a clean and high-tech looking carbon surface.

[Video] Ken Block’s Gymkhana Three

Guys, I’m watching this video again and again – it’s absolutely amazing what Ken’s doing with his car…
Man – I’d like to take a ride with him 😯 !!!

Thanks, Sandtler Motorsport !

Today was a good day *fg* – the postman came with a big package and brought a lot of great stuff for the new EVO 3 !
I’m in close and very kind contact with Sandtler Motorsport since several months now and they promised me to support and sponsor sim-parts.com with a few parts.

Sneak preview…

Hi guys,

for all of you out there who are waiting for some news on sim-parts.com (thanks for the emails !), here’s a short sneak preview of what’s coming up within the next few weeks/months:
– Great report of the awesome DIY-F1-Wheel of splendiddd !
– Motion Sim Evo 3 – totally new
– Triple-Screen-Setup
– Review of the JL-G25
– Review of JL-G25 Add-Ons
– Review of some High-End stuff from SimXperience
– New video footage and pictures of the reassembling process from Evo 2 to Evo 3

upcoming parts: JL-G25 (Jo Lueg)

August 6, 2010

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upcoming parts: JL-G25 (Jo Lueg)

The next update is my personal favorite: The modified High-End wheel by Jo Lueg !
It was big luck that I’ve got a used JL-G25, because the delivery time of this handmade wheel is nearly one year !!!

As soon as the new sim is built up, I’ll write a review of this awesome wheel. And guys – I’m really looking forward to test this great piece of High-Tech 😉 !

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