Hi guys,

thanks for visiting my site – good to see you here 😉 !

Although it’s pretty clear what I’m doing here and why I’m constructing race cockpits at home, I want to introduce myself shortly. That’s why I implemented the „about me“ site – so I have to write something down here *fg*.

Well, my name is Chris and me and my sim are living near Munich / Germany.
Many years ago I started „racing“ with console games like Need for Speed, Test Drive, Forza, Project Gotham Racing on my XBox 360 and a Playseat Evolution. That was pretty cool, but after a few months, I wanted to get a level higher, I wanted to have more realism. Much more realism.

So I found a great community (x-simulator.de) and planned to build my own simulator. It should become more strong, more rigid, more realistic and I decided to build it with aluminium profiles. The first simulator was done very fast, but after that I wanted to have motion. I ordered two highspeed actuators and built my own motion simulator with great help of the community. In former days, we had to assemble all the electronic parts by ourselves. Today there are ready-to-use-packages and solutions available, which make it much more simple to get motion…

Because I was asked so many times during the evolution of my simulators, how I did this and how I constructed that, I decided to found my own blog to show many pictures, videos and information of the building process. In the meanwhile I’ve got very great support of big companies like Sandtler Motorsport, Brüningk Industrie Technik, motopc hydraulic brake system, SYMPROJECTS and SimXperience and use many parts in my simulators, which I test and write reviews of them.

I hope, that this site(s) will help you and will give you many new ideas and inspire you to build your own motion simulator 😉 !

Due to the fact, that I’m working on my sim and on this site only in my spare time, I cannot write as many blog posts as I want, but I try to stay as actual as it gets 🙂 !

Thanks for visiting my sim, my site and me – feel free to send me an email if there are any questions left.

Have fun on sim-parts now, see ya

Chris [sim-parts.com]

Januar 12, 2010

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