[Video] DIY Motion Simulator Diary – Video Part 2

Here’s the second part of the diary of my DIY motion simulator.

After having finished my first motion simulator (see „diary part 1“), I already planned to go to stage 2. I wanted a bit more realism – a cage, a roof and even a door and a bigger screen… and so much more 😉 !
I’ve got the motopc hydraulic brake system, installed it on my VPP pedals and modified them with a clutch. Then I built a button box and a few parts more…

I hope, you’ll get inspired by these pictures and find some interesting details and information for your own motion simulator.


And as usual: If you need more information, please look for the referring postings here in the archive !

Hope, you enjoy the video. If you like it – please rate it, comment on it and „thumbs up“ 😉 !

Thanks for watching !

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baján drifeter

Februar 19th, 2014 at 02:52    

Hi , is it possible to build your motion setup from scratch without having rely on known companies like simcon and others?

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