upcoming parts: JL-G25 (Jo Lueg)

August 6, 2010

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upcoming parts: JL-G25 (Jo Lueg)

The next update is my personal favorite: The modified High-End wheel by Jo Lueg !
It was big luck that I’ve got a used JL-G25, because the delivery time of this handmade wheel is nearly one year !!!

As soon as the new sim is built up, I’ll write a review of this awesome wheel. And guys – I’m really looking forward to test this great piece of High-Tech 😉 !

upcoming parts: SLI Pro

the next upcoming part resp. update is Leo’s SLI PRO !
I’ve got two rotary switches and the cable set and I will probably go for two rotary encoders and some buttons…

At first I wanted to mount it to the wheel, but now I’m planning to integrate it into the dashboard.

upcoming parts: RPM Meter & Revburner

At the moment we are refurbishing the new room in the basement, but it’s time to show the upcoming parts and updates.

No. 1 is the revburner and an analogue rpm meter with shift light:

Disassembling the sim…

Hi guys, time has come – I had to disassemble the simulator for the planned move to the new house.

It was cruel – building up the sim took weeks, but unmounting everything was done in one day… Anyway – I tried to keep records of the single parts and of the unmounting process. Maybe it helps some of you who are looking for details and have questions how I’ve built this or that… hope, this makes things a little bit clearer !