EVO3 – work in progress…

Due to the founding of our new photography and graphics design company, the project EVO3 takes much more time than expected… Originally I planned to have the new motion sim finished when the 10.000th visitor comes to sim-parts.com – but now there have come nearly 13.000 visitors (unbelievable !!!) to my site, but the sim isn’t finished yet.

I’m getting so many emails and PNs and phone calls from sim maniacs all over the world who want to know what’s going on now, that I decided to post a so-called intermediate result 😉 !

[DIY] F1 wheel by splendiddd

Welcome to a completely new category on sim-parts.com ! You’ll find here from now on awesome DIY solutions and parts from friends, partners and other simracing addicted people. The opening post will be made by my good friend and online-race-m8 Rob (aka splendiddd). He built an absolutely amazing F1 wheel which has a quick release mechanism, a built-in SLI Pro from Leo Bodnar, several buttons, encoders and switches and a clean and high-tech looking carbon surface.

Sneak preview…

Hi guys,

for all of you out there who are waiting for some news on sim-parts.com (thanks for the emails !), here’s a short sneak preview of what’s coming up within the next few weeks/months:
– Great report of the awesome DIY-F1-Wheel of splendiddd !
– Motion Sim Evo 3 – totally new
– Triple-Screen-Setup
– Review of the JL-G25
– Review of JL-G25 Add-Ons
– Review of some High-End stuff from SimXperience
– New video footage and pictures of the reassembling process from Evo 2 to Evo 3

Disassembling the sim…

Hi guys, time has come – I had to disassemble the simulator for the planned move to the new house.

It was cruel – building up the sim took weeks, but unmounting everything was done in one day… Anyway – I tried to keep records of the single parts and of the unmounting process. Maybe it helps some of you who are looking for details and have questions how I’ve built this or that… hope, this makes things a little bit clearer !

Speaker mount for Logitech Z-5500

Ursprünglich wollte ich ja schöne Aussenspiegel ersteigern (am besten BMW M-Spiegel) und dort dann selbst die Frontspeaker meines 5.1 Systems einbauen. Platztechnisch wäre dies aber nur mit recht grossem Aufwand gegangen, also entschied ich mich um und baute die Frontspeaker oben an das Rig. Im richtigen Winkel angestellt strahlen sie jetzt optimal Richtung Fahrerplatz und beschallen mich während der Fahrt. Den Center positionierte ich mittig am unteren Rand des LCDs.
Originally I wanted to catch some nice M power side mirrors in an auction and install the front speakers of my 5.1 sound system in the cases, but this would have been only possible with major effort. So I decided to mount the front speakers on the roof. Turned to the right angle (directly to the driver), the sound is nearly perfect. The center speaker has been positioned on the lower side of the 40” TFT on an additional mounting bar.

Car door with integrated TFT and keyboard

Mal ehrlich – wer sich einen Simulator mit Dach und Käfig baut, der sollte so konsequent sein, auch über eine Tür nachzudenken 😉 !
Spätestens nach dem Besuch eines Kollegen, der als einzige fehlende Ergänzung zu diesem Simulator noch eine „Autotür“ aufzählte, war mir klar: Der Mann hat recht, sowas fehlt hier noch ! Die Frage war nur, wie ich das realisieren sollte.
To be honest – who’s crazy enough to build a motion simulator with roof and roll cage totally from the scratch should also be consequent enough to build a car door as well 😉 ! At the latest since the visit of one of my colleagues, who missed only one thing on this sim – the door (!), I knew: He’s absolutely right, a car door is definitely missing. I still didn’t know yet HOW to build it…

Dirt 2 – action with DIY handbrake

Hi guys,

here’s some new footage of Dirt 2 race scenes (Landrush and London Rally Cross, battle with Ken Block *fg*) with my DIY motion simulator and my DIY handbrake. Don’t want to remember the times being without this handbrake 😉 !
Enjoy the clips !

X-Sim² full motion profile for Dirt 2

Februar 21, 2010

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X-Sim² full motion profile for Dirt 2

We finally got it: I created with great support from Nima a new full motion profile for Codemaster’s rally game DIRT 2 !

Buttonbox 1

Da ich die Shifter-Einheit vom G25 nicht mehr nutzte, fehlten mir von Haus aus schon mal eine ganze Menge Buttons. Und während des Rennens zielsicher eine Taste auf der Tastatur zu treffen schaffte ich nicht wirklich 😉 ! Also musste eine Buttonbox her. In den originalen Rallycars hat man ja schliesslich auch Buttonboxen bzw. ganze Bedienfelder voller Schalter und Taster…
Because I didn’t use the shifter-unit from the G25 any longer, I was missing a lot of buttons. Sometimes I tried to reach the buttons on the keyboard during the race, but I didn’t hit the right buttons that often… 😉 ! Therefore I had to build a buttonbox. The original rally and race cars had buttonboxes too resp. complete control panels in the dashboard.

Covers and final design work

Das Dach war also befestigt und ich hatte es geschafft, eine komplette eingehauste Einheit zu bauen. Designtechnisch war aber noch viel zu tun, da man an zig Stellen noch direkt auf die Elektronik und auf viele Meter Kabel schauen konnte – und genau das wollte ich aus optischen Gründen ja vermeiden. Also mussten noch weitere Blenden zugeschnitten werden:
I finally got my completely housed simulator, one unit ! Regarding the design of several parts of my simulator, I’ve still got a lot to do, because one could take a look at many cables and electronics stuff – and that was one thing I definitely wanted to get rid of ! So I had to cut and mount a few more plastic covers around my sim:

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