Spare Parts for Logitech and Creative hardware

Today I want to recommend a site to you where you can get spare parts for your Logitech and Creative hardware and much more stuff: !

I’m using many Logitech products and every now and then it happens, that a small part of a keyboard or of a headset gets lost or is damaged due to normal usage.
A few parts are also available over the official Logitech Support / spare parts shop, but you won’t find all products there, especially not the outdated ones. The kind woman of the Logitech Support Hotline gave me the link to Chris Hennek’s site ! Chris replied to my email very fast and kind.

I can absolutely recommend this site and shop ! Thumbs up for 😉 !

Sticky: Save The Ring !

Hi guys,

today I have to do an important post resp. announcement here on SIM-PARTS and wanna ask you to visit the following site:


Please take a few seconds, read the story and sign the online petition or publish the content of this site wherever you can/want !

Thanks for supporting them, the ring and the whole motorsports scene !!!



Hi guys,

SIM-PARTS wants to wish you, your families and your friends a very happy and healthy new year with lots of new ideas, thoughts and new parts for your simulators 😉 !

I also want to thank all of you for continously visiting my sites and for the tons of mails and PNs – it’s great to see that my site is getting bigger and bigger. THANKS !!!

Bye, and see ya in the new year 😉


[Video] Ken Block’s Gymkhana Three

Guys, I’m watching this video again and again – it’s absolutely amazing what Ken’s doing with his car…
Man – I’d like to take a ride with him 😯 !!!

Sneak preview…

Hi guys,

for all of you out there who are waiting for some news on (thanks for the emails !), here’s a short sneak preview of what’s coming up within the next few weeks/months:
– Great report of the awesome DIY-F1-Wheel of splendiddd !
– Motion Sim Evo 3 – totally new
– Triple-Screen-Setup
– Review of the JL-G25
– Review of JL-G25 Add-Ons
– Review of some High-End stuff from SimXperience
– New video footage and pictures of the reassembling process from Evo 2 to Evo 3

STT / Alpenpokal am Salzburgring

Zur Abwechslung geht’s hier bei mal nicht um virtuelle Rennstrecken und Simulatoren, sondern um richtige Rennatmosphäre, heisse Rennwagen und einen kompletten Tag am Ring.

Am 24.04.2010 wurden wir vom Rennteam rund um Daniel Schrey zur STT / Alpenpokal an den Salzburgring eingeladen. Der Tagesplan war prall gefüllt und so kamen wir um 9.00 Uhr morgens bei Nebel und ungemütlichen 8°C dort an. Uns fuhren schon diverse Porsche im Renntrimm und einige KTM XBows mit ohrenbetäubendem (aber geilem) Sound um die Ohren und wir wussten, das würde ein richtig genialer Tag werden.

2 months and 30 countries

Hello all,

here’s a short side-note: Exactly two months ago, on January 12th 2010, I wrote and published the first posting here on ! Time for a birthday-party ? Hmm, not really – but time to keep you informed that until today visitors from 30 countries all over the world have come to !!!

That’s absolutely amazing and I’m very happy about all the mails and the feedback I’ve got during the last few weeks. I’m looking forward to writing much more postings here and want to thank you again for your interest in 😉 !


video gallery updated !

I’ve just updated the video gallery.
You can access it at any time by clicking on the „Videos“ button on the top of the site or directly by following this link:

Video Gallery

You will find there all published videos from my sim stages and some footage of my sli and instrument cluster.

Hope, you enjoy it !
Bye, Chris 😉

Visitors of

Hi guys,

that’s a bit cool: My site statistics program gives me several information on how many people are visiting my sites, how often each site has been visited and at last the countries of my visitors as well. Now I know once more, why I should translate my postings into English 😉 ! Thanks to all people who find the long way to and thanks for the kind comments until now !

But there’s one question left: Where are those Italians 😀 ?

Keep on browsing, see ya ! Chris

Sticky: General information about !

Dear visitors and racers, you’ll find some information about and the idea to build a race motion simulator from the scratch in this sticky post. Please keep on reading…

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