Spare Parts for Logitech and Creative hardware

Today I want to recommend a site to you where you can get spare parts for your Logitech and Creative hardware and much more stuff: !

I’m using many Logitech products and every now and then it happens, that a small part of a keyboard or of a headset gets lost or is damaged due to normal usage.
A few parts are also available over the official Logitech Support / spare parts shop, but you won’t find all products there, especially not the outdated ones. The kind woman of the Logitech Support Hotline gave me the link to Chris Hennek’s site ! Chris replied to my email very fast and kind.

I can absolutely recommend this site and shop ! Thumbs up for 😉 !

[Video] DIY Motion Simulator Diary – Video Part 3

After the move to our new house, there was a big room left for my studio and finally enough space for my sim.
I didn’t plan to build the EVO2 again, so I decided to construct something new, it should become bigger and better and beside others I wanted to try Eyefinity resp. a Tripple-Screen setup. As usual I made many pictures of this building-process…

[Video] DIY Motion Simulator Diary – Video Part 2

Here’s the second part of the diary of my DIY motion simulator.

After having finished my first motion simulator (see „diary part 1“), I already planned to go to stage 2. I wanted a bit more realism – a cage, a roof and even a door and a bigger screen… and so much more 😉 !
I’ve got the motopc hydraulic brake system, installed it on my VPP pedals and modified them with a clutch. Then I built a button box and a few parts more…

[Video] DIY Motion Simulator Diary – Video Part 1

Because many users and simracers asked me during the last months and years, how I’ve built my simulators, how I solved this and that problem during the building process and things like that, I decided now to put a few pictures from my archive and from old postings here together into a short film, the so-called „Diary of my Sim“ 😉 !

[Video] New video with revburner and rev counter

A few days ago I installed new parts from our fellow partner SYMPROJECTS.COM: Revburner, GI Max Gear Indicator and SPI-D Digital Speedometer. SimScreen follows asap when I start building the new dashboard.

The first step was the installation and a short test of the parts – it’s only an interim installation. Everything is working great, the SimDash software is simple and easy to use. The only problem at the moment is the simultaneously use of both SimDash and X-Sim, for example in Dirt3 and other Codie’s Games. In GTR Evo it works perfectly. Cristiano from Symprojects gives great support and I’m sure, that these problems will be solved with the next release of SimDash.

[Video] New video with GTR Evo and Eyefinity

Here’s another video, this time of my friend Mark taking his first ride in the Evo3 a few weeks ago. He never gave PC race simulations a try before and was a little bit doubtful about it, but after a few minutes he was absolutely thrilled 😉 !

Track (as usual): Nurburgring Nordschleife
Car / Series: WTCC BMW E90 first, then Caterham
Screen-Setup: Eyefinity @ 5760×1080

EVO3 construction report – part 4

In this last part of the construction report you can see the EVO3 in its final position (lucky me, that it doesn’t take too much space in this room *fg*), a few pictures of my F1 wheel (Momo 27c) with the same quick release mechanism like the Rally wheel (OMP 330mm) and you will see the modified dampening concept. I mounted the actuator arms from the outer position into the simulators chassis. Now the whole sim is a bit shorter and the dampening bar isn’t visible any longer.

EVO3 construction report – part 3

In part 3 of the „construction report“ you will mostly see the additional cage on the front where one of the computers is placed, the cover and front panel of the dashboard with all buttons, switches and the SLI Pro as well as the roof and the final back resp. housing of the subwoofer.

EVO3 construction report – part 2

Let’s go on with part 2/4.

You will mostly see the construction of the dashboard and the side-arms of the Eyefinity-Screens (at first I began with 28″ TFTs, but then I switched to 37″ LCD screens).

EVO3 construction report – part 1

Here we go – many users, visitors and racers asked me during the building process of my new Motion Simulator EVO3 for pictures, photographs, sketches, measurements and things like that and I asked all of you to be patient.

I took many pictures while building and constructing the new sim – only with my iPhone, so please don’t expect high-quality magazine-style pictures 😉 ! I won’t comment each photo, because I think they’re all self-explaining. I will publish 4 posts with the pictures.

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